Is Vitamix S30 discontinued?

If you’re a fan of personal blenders, you might be familiar with the Vitamix S30. Released in 2014, the S30 quickly became a popular choice among health enthusiasts because of its ability to blend everything from smoothies and soups to nut butter and frozen desserts. However, in recent times, people have become concerned about the fate of this impressive blender. If you’ve been wondering whether the Vitamix S30 is still available, you might have heard some rumors that it has been discontinued. In this article, we’ll explore whether these rumors are true and everything else you need to know about this personal blender.

Why did Vitamix discontinue the S30 blender model?

Before looking at whether the Vitamix S30 has been discontinued, it’s essential to understand why it might have been discontinued. One rumor suggests that Vitamix discontinued the model because it was too similar to the Vitamix S50. Another suggests that the S30 was discontinued because of manufacturing issues that made it challenging to produce the product. However, there’s no clear official statement from Vitamix as to why they decided to discontinue it.

Despite the lack of an official statement from Vitamix, some industry experts speculate that the S30 may have been discontinued due to its lower sales compared to other Vitamix models. The S30 was marketed as a personal blender, which may have limited its appeal to consumers who were looking for a larger, more versatile blender. Additionally, the S30 was priced higher than other personal blenders on the market, which may have made it less competitive in the marketplace.

What was the popularity of the Vitamix S30 blender?

The popularity of the Vitamix S30 is undeniable. With its compact design and powerful motor, the blender quickly became a favorite of those who wanted to create a variety of recipes but have limited space in their kitchen. It was also an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable alternative to high-end blenders like the Vitamix Ascent 3500, which is perfect for commercial use.

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Furthermore, the Vitamix S30 was highly praised for its versatility. It was capable of blending everything from smoothies and juices to nut butters and soups. Its powerful motor and durable blades made it easy to blend even the toughest ingredients, while its compact size made it easy to store in small kitchens or take on the go. Overall, the Vitamix S30 was a popular choice for those who wanted a high-quality blender that was both affordable and versatile.

Are there any alternatives to the Vitamix S30 blender?

If you’re looking for a personal blender alternative to the Vitamix S30, there are plenty of options available. For instance, the Vitamix S50 is slightly larger than the S30 but offers a similar blending experience. Nutribullet, Ninja, Oster, and Blendtec are other brands worth checking out. However, none of them may offer the same quality and performance as the Vitamix S30.

Another alternative to the Vitamix S30 is the Magic Bullet blender. It is a compact and affordable option that can handle basic blending tasks such as making smoothies and pureeing vegetables. However, it may not be as powerful as the Vitamix S30 and may not be suitable for tougher ingredients like nuts and seeds.

If you’re looking for a high-end personal blender, the Breville Boss To Go is another option to consider. It has a powerful motor and comes with two travel cups, making it convenient for on-the-go use. However, it is more expensive than the Vitamix S30 and may not be as widely available.

How does the Vitamix S30 compare to other Vitamix models?

The Vitamix S30 is a personal blender, whereas other Vitamix models are usually designed for household use, commercial use, or both. The main difference between these blenders is their size, power, and capacity. Nevertheless, in terms of performance, the Vitamix S30 holds its ground against other Vitamix blenders, which makes it an incredible choice for those looking for a personal blender.

One of the unique features of the Vitamix S30 is its compact size, which makes it easy to store and transport. This is especially useful for those who have limited counter space or who like to take their blender with them on the go. Additionally, the S30 comes with two different container sizes, a 20-ounce container for single servings and a 40-ounce container for larger batches. This versatility allows users to make a variety of recipes, from smoothies to soups, with ease.

Where can you find a Vitamix S30 blender if it is discontinued?

Although the Vitamix S30 has been discontinued, you might still find it in some stores or online marketplaces. Alternatively, you can invest in a refurbished Vitamix S30. The Vitamix website offers certified refurbished blenders with a guarantee and warranty at a discounted price. This way, you can buy an S30 blender in the best possible condition without having to break the bank.

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Another option to consider is upgrading to a newer model of Vitamix blender. The Vitamix website offers a range of high-performance blenders with advanced features and capabilities. Some of the newer models even have a smaller container option, similar to the S30. Additionally, Vitamix offers a trade-in program where you can send in your old blender, including the S30, and receive a discount on a new model. This is a great way to upgrade your blender while also being environmentally conscious.

The history of the Vitamix S30 blender model.

The Vitamix S30 blender was launched in 2014. It was a hit with blender enthusiasts who were searching for a compact blender that could do everything the bigger Vitamix models could do. The blender’s functionality made it unique, and its popularity saw it be used to make smoothies, nut butter, and even soup.

Since its launch, the Vitamix S30 has undergone several upgrades and improvements. In 2016, the blender was updated with a more powerful motor, allowing it to blend even tougher ingredients with ease. In 2018, the S30 was given a sleeker design, making it even more attractive to consumers who value both form and function. Today, the Vitamix S30 remains a popular choice for those who want a high-quality blender that doesn’t take up too much space in their kitchen.

Understanding the features of the Vitamix S30 blender.

The Vitamix S30 blender features a powerful motor that allows it to blend tough ingredients with ease. It comes with two containers—a 20-ounce container for single servings and a 40-ounce container for family-sized portions. The blender has ten variable speeds, allowing you to adjust the speed according to the recipe you’re creating. Additionally, it has a pulse feature, which makes it easier to blend ingredients with a chunky texture.

Another great feature of the Vitamix S30 blender is its compact size. It takes up minimal counter space, making it perfect for small kitchens or those with limited storage space. Despite its small size, it still packs a powerful punch and can handle all your blending needs.

The blender is also easy to clean, with both containers and the blades being dishwasher safe. This makes cleanup a breeze and saves you time and effort in the kitchen. Overall, the Vitamix S30 blender is a versatile and convenient appliance that can help you create a wide range of recipes with ease.

The benefits of owning a Vitamix S30 blender.

The Vitamix S30 blender has several benefits that make it an excellent choice for those looking for a personal blender. Firstly, its compact design makes it a perfect fit for those living in small spaces or apartments. Secondly, the power of its motor and the quality of the blades facilitate the consumption of a wide variety of recipes. Thirdly, it’s easy to clean, which is a major bonus, especially for those who live in a fast-paced world and have little time to spare.

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The drawbacks of owning a Vitamix S30 blender.

While the Vitamix S30 blender has a lot of benefits, it does have some drawbacks. Firstly, it’s a personal blender, which means it’s not big enough to make smoothies for more than two people. Therefore, you might need to blend in batches if you’re entertaining guests. Secondly, it’s expensive compared to some other personal blenders on the market.

How to care for and maintain your Vitamix S30 blender.

The Vitamix S30 blender is one of the easiest blenders to maintain. Follow these tips to keep it in top condition:

  • After each use, rinse the container with warm, soapy water.
  • To clean the container thoroughly, fill it with warm water and a drop of dish soap, then run the blender on high for 30 seconds before rinsing.
  • If any stubborn stains remain, soak the container in a mixture of hot water and baking soda for a few hours before cleaning it.
  • Ensure the blender is unplugged before cleaning.
  • Always dry the container and blades thoroughly before storing them.

Customer reviews and ratings of the Vitamix S30 blender.

The Vitamix S30 has received plenty of glowing reviews from happy customers. On Amazon, for instance, the blender has received an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 400 reviews. Customers praised the blender’s versatility, power, and ease of use, with many stating that it was one of the best purchases they made for their kitchen.

Reasons why you might want to upgrade from a Vitamix S30 to a newer model.

If you already own a Vitamix S30 and love it, you might wonder whether it’s worth upgrading to a newer model. The answer depends on your usage and whether you want to expand your blending capabilities. If you’re happy with your S30’s performance and only require a personal blender, there’s no need to upgrade. However, if you desire a larger capacity, touch screen controls or automated programs, upgrading to a newer Vitamix model such as the Ascent 3500 or A3300 could be a good decision.

Differences and similarities between the Vitamix S30 and other personal blenders on the market.

The Vitamix S30 blender is unique in its own ways, but it has some similarities and differences with other personal blenders on the market. For instance, Nutribullet and Ninja have smaller motors that may not blend as smoothly as the Vitamix S30. Oster, however, is an excellent value option that comes incredibly close to the Vitamix S30 but doesn’t offer the same superior quality features. If you’re after quality and reliability, the Vitamix S30 is the best personal blender option for your money.

Will there be a replacement for the Vitamix S30 in the future?

As of now, Vitamix hasn’t released a direct replacement for the S30 blender. They may release a superior model in the future, but we don’t know when that will be. If you’re looking for a personal blender with superior quality features, your best bet is to get a refurbished Vitamix S30 or check the market for other Vitamix models that mimic the performance of the S30.


There you have it – all the information you need to know about the Vitamix S30 blender. Although the blender has been discontinued, you’ll still find it in some stores, and you can also buy a refurbished Vitamix S30 from the Vitamix website. If you’re after a compact blender that can make everything from smoothies and soups to frozen desserts and nut butter, the Vitamix S30 is an excellent choice. It’s powerful, versatile, and easy to use, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen.